Friday, June 02, 2006

Summer Vacation

I am excited to be out for summer and already girl has a job and so she takes my car. She worked the day shift today so I am home with no transportation. I can't wait for my car to get home so I can go to wally world. I want to go ahead and shop for our trip like sundries etc. I want a new beach towel. I am ready to go to the pool. I feel a little useless...

Thursday, June 01, 2006

I AM BACK!!!!!

This is a quick note to say I am back. Graduation is over and my son is on his second day of full time gameful employment. I am so proud. I will send pictures soon. I also have news..I am the Wilson County Teacher of the Month. It has been wild. I got to do a radio show and had my picture in 3 different papers. Summer is here and Big H and I are headed to Pittsburg in a week. He has a 911 conference and I am tagging along for the heck of it. We are going to a pro baseball game and a very swanky ball. I hope to go to Hershey on a day trip. It will be great to share with my kids next year. The students at the end of the year gave me the sweetest charm bracelet. I got so many nice gifts. It turnesd out to be a great year. I will be posting when I can because I have a busy summer planned. Little bit has swim lessons next week. Then pittsburg. Vacation bible school with little bit. A couple of inservice credit classes and maybe a trip to see my sister. I have decided not to work parttime on anything this summer. Little B and baby girl both have jobs for the summer so I am busy taking care of them. I have been keeping tabs on all of you. Now I have some comments to leave.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Life and addiction

Ah ha got you. If you think this post is about addiciton, drugs, or rehab you are wrong. it's about me being addicted to shop If you haven't gone to the auction sight, get over there. It is awesome. I spend all my time looking at bargains and yes biding.

Little h's senior year is wearing me out. I love that he is graduating soon but it is soooo hectic. He is enrolled in a college course online to earn a math credit. I am helping him keep up with assignments. You must be very dedicated to take a course online and he isn't, luckly I am and I am a bossy mother.

I took him yesterday to pick out a tux for the prom. It was funny. He and his girl friend got to the shop before me and picked something out. I pretty much tore the idea down. When the girl came to write up the order Little H looked at his girlfriend and said just stand back and let her go, she knows what she wants. We got a black, short, two button, single breaseted coat with a black shirt and shoes. The accent is a bubblegum pink vest and textures bubblegum pink tie. IT IS SHARP. His GF asked him if he was going to say anything about my choice and he said no, my mom has great taste. If she picks it out it will be awesome. I almost cried. It is totally awesome by the way. It cost a hunk so it should be. My best friend has a 2005 Sable, silver, convertible with all the extras. She asked little h last night if he wanted to drive it to the prom. He almost wet his pants trying to say yes. He is set. Tickets are paid, tux, and vehicle. Now all I have is pictures.

Then we are on to Graduation. I may be slow to blog the next few months but I'll be checking on you all.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Thanks for all your help etc.

Hats off to my dear friend Cindy. She sent me a check to help little K. Another teacher and i took her shopping for some new clothes and are planning to take her again this weekend. Mandy and I put in some money so she wouldn't have to wear the same clothes everyday. IMy daughter had a hoodie that she wore when she cheered in Jr. High. It has the school name on the front. She doesn't wear it because she isn't at that school anymore. I gave it to little K. She was soooooo excited. It is just like what the real cheerleaders wear. We also came up with the money to send her to the cheer clinic at school. It is after school for the elementary grades. They are so cute. Mandy is the teacher acrss the hall from me. She and I are taking K to shop after school next Tuesday for shoes and clothes. So Thanks Cindy you rock!!!

Monday, February 27, 2006

Long Time No Blog....

It has been a long time since i have blogged because life has been sooo busy. I took a day off work Friday to relax and destress. I needed it badly. The teacher i had words with several weeks ago about the best interest of child is apparently trying to pay me back. last Wednesday I had another meeting with her, a parent, our behavior specialist and our guidance councelor. She proceeded to shoot down everything I said and disagree with me as often as possible. The behavior specialist finally butted in and stood up for what I was purposing. After the meeting I went to the proncipal and I said I am sorry but enough is enough. I am not going to work with someone like this and I refuse to attend another meeting with her as the special needs representative. He agreed and called in the behavior specialist and the guidance councelor. They told him the same thing I had told him about how she acted. The principal told me to lay low a couple of days so I took Friday off. She was suspociously absent today. When we stop looking out for a childs best interest then it is time to start another carrier.

I have offically decided to start my Masters degree in May. Wish me luck. My sister came in from Alabama and we shopped all day Saturday. I got some great shoes and of course baby girl and I took advantage of a two for one deal on earrings. We are styling and profiling.....

The biggest thing that happened to us this week was very scary. we took little h out to eat for his birhtday (I told you about it in an earlier blog). There was a couple sitting across from us and while the man distracted my husband they stole Big H's credit card number. A few days later my husband tried to use his card and it was declined. he called the bank and found out it had been blocked because of suspicious charges. Turns out the ordered $600.00 of items by phone and the bank notice the out of state charges. Anyway after some major paperwork later we got our money returned. Be careful.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

yet to dream...

I have really been going over in my head whatto do. I want to get my masters degree. It reminds me of when I was deciding to get my Bachelors. I have one child going into colleg in May. Another planning to become a doctor and attend vanderbuilt. Is it selfish to want my degree at this time in life? I know it will be work and i also know that I will have to have perfect papers and perfect grades. I always put way to much pressure on myself. I graduated high school 11 th out of 55. I graduated with a 4.0 for my Associates and a 3.875 for my Bachelors. I am very obsessive/compulsive. The first year I was married I clened the bathroom from top to bottom everyday. After I had 2 kids 20 months apart I got better then fell right back into it when they were older. I don't what to do. Will I get a pay raise? yes a little one. I have 12 more years to retirement. It would open up another avenue in teaching because I want my masters in Technology in education 3-12. This would help me move up. Give me some feedback friends. LOL

Sunday, February 19, 2006

FREEZE YOUR A** OFF.........

Do not come to Tennessee unless you want to Freeze your Ass Off. I mean it. Look at this thermometer. It actually says 18 degrees in the south. The feels like temp is 5 degree. Luckily there is no wind. If the wind picks up we are in a mess. I need to go out and hit Aldee's and Wally World. When I got up this morning the temp read 12 degrees and I got back under the covers snuggled up next to big h and went to sleep. I know you all have seen pictures of my husband. He is a big teddy bear and great for snuggling and warmth. I tell him that is his main job...To keep me warm and living in the style to which I have become accustomed. The bad part is I am accustomed to a beer and pizza life style.
This is what we ended up with today. We have 3+ inches on the ground and they are predicting another 2 to 3 inches tonight and maybe more on Monday night. It is a long weekend off, Presidents Day, from school. Maybe we will get a couple of snow days and be out until Friday this week. They are telling everyone to go out today because with the temp so low the snow we get tonight will definitely stick to the roads. Baby girl and big H want to go to the movies and see final destination 3. They have seen 1 and 2. I do not care for these scream your lungs out movies. I will watch it on HBO but not pay at the theater. So maybe they will go to the matinee. I would love to see walk the line because even though I was a little girl during the Johnny and June Carter Cash years I remember my mom loving their music.
This was the scene yesterday as the beautiful snow fell and fell and fell. It snowed like rain. It was beautiful to watch. Baby girl made this picture cause a friend of hers, who is also little h's prom date, went to New York to visit relatives and get her prom dress and she wanted her to see our weather this weekend.

My son should become a comedian because he can come up with some of the craziest things ever. Yesterday it was snowing hard and the dog started wanting to go outide. Little H gets the leash and says, "You know this dog picks the worst weather to decide to go. New flash a hurricane is hitting Norene, TN, oh the dogs got to go out. It's Armageddon, hey the dogs got to go out." It was hilarious. I want to post a video he made with some of his friends doing this dance called the pancake. How do I get that on my page?